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We recently caught up with some of our Conscious Business Blueprinters after an amazing Blueprint reveal night. Have a listen to what they’ve got to say about the Creating Brand Energy process and workshops.

Blueprint Presentation Night 2019

A night to say ‘thank you’ to some our Conscious Business partygoers.

Blueprint Presentation Night 2019

A night to say ‘thank you’ to some our Conscious Business partygoers.

Cath Sutherland
Speaker Introduction

Branding expert, consultant, author and Keynote Speaker.

Cath Sutherland with Vanessa Geraghty McGann from Vivacity Marketing

“Doing business your way and being your authentic self, is actually the greatest success formula for your business.”

Cath Sutherland
Conscious Business Model Overview

“A process to uncover, activate and integrate your truth as a business.”

Pauline Tarrant
Pauline Tarrant Consulting

“An enjoyable process with remarkably good outcomes … You’ll be astounded by how good the results are at the end.”

Candice Plummer
Innervation Chiropractic

“I found the workshops to be really intriguing and eye-opening. It helped me find what my business’s brand is about.”

Amanda Alldrick
My Coach Connect

“It helped me identify why I’m in business. It gave me a sense of the bigger meaning of what I’m doing.”

John Haynes
22Fourteen Consulting

“My key takeaways from the process are that I can change my product offering, and the way that I communicate with my clients. I learned about innovation, product and my feelings.”

Sue Dardis
Barrowday Farm

“The process was fairly confronting. But it helped me to distil my ideas and find out more about myself. It’s well worth the time and trouble.”

Stephanie Herscovitz
Wellness Web

“My Goodness, I don’t know where to start. The clarity was probably my biggest take-away, I just feel more so much more confident going forward.”

Steph Pope
Trinity Graphic Design

“Look, I thought I was alright with my business but after coming and doing the workshop it’s blown my mind to where we’ve got to – It’s been so inspiring.”

Sarah Clozza
Hello Perth

“On a personal level, a business level and a professional level it’s very enriching to make sure you are on the right path and sometimes you need someone to facilitate you through it.”

William Palfrey
PS. It’s Fun!

“Walking away with a clear brand personality and the style of copy and language to use when communicating with my customers through emails, sales pages is a huge take away.”

Kyle Doonan
Ford and Doonan

“It was very refreshing and I would encourage anyone, whether they be new in business or people that have been in business for a while to do the workshop – it’s a great thing to do.”

Fiona Roxby
The Pepper Club

“I love that I can now articulate what the business is. I could never do that in the past. I really feel that I can now talk openly about what we do, what we offer and the value that we bring.”

Beverly Rose Dallas
ITA Energy Medicine Therapist

“It’s helped me and my business move forward and know who I am and what I have to offer.”

Bronwen Sciortino
SheIQ Life

“She’s very genuine, very authentic. There’s nobody else who could have created this model, the work is purely her, and I think that’s the best recommendation you can have.”

Dana Beament
SAMMIMIS Turkish Towels

“For somebody who starts a business it gives you a good base and something to think about. Shes’s good, very very good.”

Dean Kurlansky
I AM Foods

“I thought that this was all meant to be, there was like a cosmic connection around this whole programme and what we were doing as a business.”

Dean Kurlansky
I AM Foods

“We spend so much time in our work, so we may as well make sure it’s in alignment with who we are.”

Dean Kurlansky
I AM Foods

“Everything that Cath talks about is figuring out who you are and then applying that to a business sense or to your product and how to connect with people.”

Kate Barnes
Kate Barnes Health Coaching

“It was a fantastic course, the Brand Energy Blueprint has enabled me to be very focused and clear in terms of the direction I want to follow and the message that I’m sharing with my marketplace.”

Nat Amar
The Mind Body Heart Studio

“It’s really helped me to refine my Business Values, my Global Vision, my Personality and how to communicate to my clients and potential clients.”

Shelly Cox

“The workshop was amazing, you get to do all different types of creative energy work and how to connect with yourself and what your business stands for, what’s your personality and how to evolve that into a conscious business.”

James Sutherland
Office Solutions IT

“Some people are motivated by different things, and people who look for quotes are looking for inspiration, and that’s something I’d have to say working with Cath has made our firm that inspiring place.”

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