Your Global Vision

Your Business Vision is your overarching AIM for your business plan.

Your Vision is your imagined picture of what your business looks like, feels like, is doing and achieving in x years’ time.

From this collaboratively envisioned picture – you then set the goals, strategies and actions that will help you achieve this Vision.  These are commonly broken down into short, medium and long-term goals.

This forms your business plan – your game plan, your road map, that will help you stay focussed and on track over your nominated time frame to get to your Vision.

Your Business Plan helps you to be effective, efficient and profitable.

While developing your business plan you will understand the resources (human and financial) you will need, to achieve your goals and understand the relationships that are key to your success.

Having the big picture view of all of your goals, strategies and actions also helps you to see and uncover, synergies, fast tracks and hacks.

Your Vision gives you the view of where your business is going.

But your Global Vision encourages you to look around and see who you can help along the way.

Your Global Vision is collaboratively derived by your team – what are your passions? If there was one thing you could contribute to in the world (as a collective) – what would that be?

How can you use your business as a vehicle for good?

Here are some examples from my clients:

To realign individual wellness with the collective wellbeing of the planet – Mind Body Heart

To courageously support equal rights and help those in need – Bunbury Senior High School

To support and empower families to live a more conscious today – Pure Home Body

Unlock dreams through education – PS. It’s Fun!

To enable and nurture potentialOffice Solutions IT

To grow the good in youth – LG Accounting Solutions

Yes! You’re in business to serve clients, make money and support your partners, team and suppliers.

But you can also support something greater, something outside of yourself, that you can invite all of your energyholders (stakeholders) to participate in and support with you.

Your Vision is the spark of your energy – it gets you started.

Your Global Vision IGNITES this spark – It’s your higher intent for your business and the big WHY you are in business.

Here’s an example of my Global Vision. 

Why define your Global Vision for your business?

  • It gives your business a focus for all of your corporate social responsibility.
  • It is a great opportunity to develop closer relationships with all of your energyholders (stakeholders) including your team, suppliers and customers. You can invite your energyholders to join you in contributing to something greater,(that they never would have been able to be a part of on their own) – they can contribute through donations, volunteering their time, skills and/or knowledge to your cause.
  • It is your long-term legacy as a business.
  • You are actively contributing to the change you want to see in the world.
  • Team members become more emotionally connected and endeared to invest more into their work, be loyal and have a sense of ownership in the business.
  • Your customers feel good buying your product and are more endeared to buy more, pay more and be more loyal to your business.

Why define your Global Vision for your team?

  • Your team has the satisfaction of knowing they are investing in something really worthwhile through their work. They have the opportunity to give back, live their personal values and self-actualise through their work.

Why define your Global Vision for your customers?

  • It provides a clear position for all of your energyholders to understand what your Brand stands for.
  • Conscious Customers vote with their dollar and know that by buying from you they are also contributing to something greater.

So, as you can see your Vision and your Global Vision are very different elements of your business. AND you need both!

Your Vision enables you to contribute to your Global Vision.

X Cath

Conscious Business

Integrate your truth


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