Your Product

Why do we need to determine who we are as a business?

Why can’t we just go out there and sell our Product?

Because our Product is created by who we are, whether ‘we’ – are a solopreneur or a team.

Our Product is the product of (the manifestation, expression and reflection of) everyone who works with us.

Our Product is also wrapped in who we are.

So, it’s really important to be clear on what makes up our who.

When we are clear about who we are, we can then use these guidelines to effectively direct and manage everything we do, so we can create, develop, manage, refine and deliver our Product consistently.

Who we are personalises our Product and creates emotional value.

The more emotional value we offer the more customers are prepared to spend, buy and be loyal to our Brand.

Long term customers connect with who we are (with the emotional value they derive from our Brand and product) – not just the functional ‘what’ of what we offer.

People will either like who we are and want to connect – or not.

When those who are genuinely attracted to who we are connect, because they are ‘like energy’, they will in-turn fuel and energise our business.

Our Brand is not just who we are – our Brand is also comprised of the customers we attract.

So, we need to make sure we stay true to who we are in creating and offering our Product, so we attract the right customers with the right ‘like energy’ to energise and build our Brand.


X Cath

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