Conscious Business Blueprint

Your Conscious Business Blueprint outlines the truth of who you are as a business.

Whether you are a solopreneur, small team or corporation.

This Blueprint is an everyday guide to help you, BE YOU, in all aspects of business.

We have been taught by traditional business that we need to be ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ to be successful. The truth is, being who we really are, is the real path to success.

We just have to believe in ourselves.

When you are yourself, you:

  • Do business naturally and intuitively. This saves you time, worry and wasted energy. You can also freely use your natural talents.
  • Attract ‘like’ energy – team members, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, or as I like to call them energyholders. These energyholders, because they share your energy, also energise your business.
  • Make authentic connections and lasting relationships for business success.


This blueprint harnesses your passions. It wraps what you do with who you are into a package that simply and powerfully says, this is me! This is why I am in business, this is how I do business and this is the unique value I offer. If you feel aligned with who I am, join me.

Your Conscious Business Blueprint is made up of five Brand Energy Elements. They are:

Your Brand (your reputation) – attracts people to you.

Your Product (your value offering) – makes the acquaintance

Your Brand Personality – invites friendships

Your Values – (when lived consistently) – earn trust and respect

Your Purpose (how you want your customers to feel when experiencing your product) – endears love

Your Global Vision (what you want your business to contribute to the world) – fosters life partnerships.

By activating your Brand Energy Elements; by being true to who you are; you can determine your relationships and business success. This process is represented in my Layers of Intention diagram.

To learn more about how the Conscious Business Blueprint works, visit my workshop page.

After learning about the Conscious Business formula, workshoppers have the chance to present their own Blueprints. Here’s how it works.

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