About Conscious Business

Conscious Business is my business. A consultancy about a new way of doing business.

In 2000, at the age of 35, I jumped from corporate land to consulting land.

During the week, I was facilitating teams through their business and marketing strategies and on the weekend, I was studying energy therapy.

One weekend, I thought, ‘I wonder if I could apply these energy principles to business?’

And when I did, everything fell into place!

Your business is not just a physical entity creating functional value, it is also an energetic entity creating emotional value.  When you are conscious of the unique energy of your organisation, (that is, the collective energy of everyone who works with you), you can enjoy deeper relationships and better manage all aspects of your business.

I found that, using this energy understanding as a foundation, I could help organisations effectively work through issues and create a more aligned, consistent and strategic way of operating and being.

In 2006, I started writing my book, Creating Brand Energy, which outlines the process of becoming a Conscious Business.

Creating Brand Energy took me 4 years to write.  Theory is all well and good, but I needed to demonstrate how the Creating Brand Energy Process can be activated in business.  So, I facilitated my model with a range of businesses, some of which are case studies in my book.

In 2008, I registered my new company – Conscious Business. When you go through my process you become more conscious. You become more aware, of not only who you are as a business, but also your impact on your team, customers, suppliers, family, community, the environment and the global community.

When I told my friend in advertising, that I had just registered Conscious Business, he screwed up his face and said ‘noooooo, don’t do it! People won’t take you seriously, it’s too white caftan!’.  Well how things have changed! In just under 10 years, Consciousness, Conscious Business and Conscious Capitalism are common vernacular. Yah, (little toast with my tea cup there).

Conscious Business is not an end point. I don’t believe it is possible to be fully conscious. Conscious Business is an intention – an intention to be more aware of who you are as a business, your value exchange and your impact. I hope with this awareness – businesses will become a force for good.

My Global Vision is to inspire businesses to stand in their truth, passionately contribute to something greater and collectively nurture our planet.

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X Cath

The team at ENJO love the Brand Creation Model and see great applications for it in the customer care element of our business linked to our ENJO way internally. We would suggest all business owners and leaders be across the content in how you can make a difference in your Brand Energy.

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