We are ONE


It’s ironic, that in this era of acceptance, diversity, inclusion, innovation, fierce conversations, transparency, open-ness and living our truth, we are in a period where none of this is apparent.

We have been swept up in fear.

We may be still talking the talk (above), but we are not walking it.

We are ONE, regardless of our choices. We are humanity, all reflections of each other. And we unravel when we lose ourselves individually and collectively. When we fail to recognise that we are ONE.

We are this one AND this one AND this one AND this one…….

That is what being ONE is all about, inclusiveness of beliefs, ideals, thoughts, cultures and ways of being. It makes for a rich, multi-layered, self-managed and self-empowered collective of hybrid vigour and strength. Fertile ground for expansion of perspectives, growth, evolution and self-realisation.

What separates and divides us, and totally destroys the desired qualities of my first sentence above, is fear.

Fear is makes us dumber – literally.

Henka Hypponen, author of Why We Fear – talks about how fear takes away our own power and intelligence from the key skills we need today (outlined by the World Economic Forum), of complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Fear can also pull us out of our internal locus of control. (Julian Rotter 1954).

This concept of fear (and that is all it is, a concept, an illusion) can pull us out of our personal power to be more easily influenced and controlled by external factors.

And we are in a perfect (though a very much imperfect) storm of fear at the moment.

It’s not to discount, that what we may be dealing with in our physical environment, is not physically threatening. It is what it is. But being in a state of fear in this environment does not help us, it disables us.

At this time, when we are making critical decisions for our health, the health of humanity and the health of our planet, it is vital that we do not succumb to fear. It is vital that we anchor ourselves in our internal locus of control, personal power and strength, to enable our perception and thought processes to be at their sharpest.

It is our responsibility to facilitate space where others can find their personal locus of control, where there is freedom of expression, healthy discussion, open heartedness, and compassion. With this comes a peace, a feeling of belonging, recognition, respect and this environment fuels personal agency for self-realisation and self-determination.

It opens the space (devoid of fear) for intelligent thought, reflection and perception.

Fear clouds our intelligence, thought processes, reflection and perception and being on high alert separates us and robs us of compassion, acceptance and inclusion.

So, this is where our personal work and responsibility comes in.

To separate ourselves from the fear. Look at it objectively and from our collective, connected personal states let’s all move forward together towards acceptance, diversity, inclusion, innovation, fierce conversations, transparency, open-ness and living our truth.

X Cath

Conscious Business

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Cath Sutherland is the Director of Conscious Business – helping businesses to understand who they are, so they can do business better. Cath facilitates teams and leaders through her unique Creating Brand Energy process to develop, through collective consensus, their unique Conscious Business Blueprint – a clear, multi-level guide to manage, direct and develop relationships, operations, and product delivery. Cath can be reached at cath@consciousbusiness.net.au


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