What is Your Operating Program?


Your business is your hardware. 

And you and your team are your software.  

You may have your systems and processes developed to direct the flow of your activities, but do you have a clear operating program? 

Your operating program is a unified code for HOW you do business. 

It is HOW your team proceeds with and uses your systems and processes that can make all the difference. 

The Conscious Business Model is a framework to develop your unique operating program. Your software to direct the energy of your business. Your software that determines your self-concept, (as an individual or a team) who you are as a business, your world view, beliefs, attitude and intentions that guide your actions. 

Our programs direct our charge.  Anodea Judith – Charge and the Energy Body 

A lot of our programming is unconscious. But when we make this conscious, we have a clear operating program for ourselves and everyone who works with us.  

Everyone knows HOW to go about their business. HOW to follow the systems and processes of your business in a way that is aligned and consistent with your culture and your brand.  So, everything everyone does in your business positively fuels and builds your culture, business and brand value. 

Being conscious of your operating program also gives you greater management and leadership capability to direct your business to your vision. 

Your operating program also clarifies and defines the key elements of the emotional value you offer. And this unique, strong and energising emotional value is the glue that binds your business, team, customers and stakeholders together in a powerful and permanent alliance.  

Who are you as a business? 

And what is your operating program? 

If you are keen to uncover and develop the operating program for your business, I offer one on one coaching for solopreneurs and business owners and facilitation packages for teams to collaboratively develop your program. Message me to learn more. 

X Cath 

Conscious Business  

Integrate your truth 

Cath Sutherland is the Director of Conscious Business – helping businesses to understand who they are, so they can do business better. Cath facilitates teams and leaders through her unique Creating Brand Energy process to develop, through collective consensus, their unique Conscious Business Blueprint – a clear, multi-level guide to manage, direct and develop relationships, operations, and product delivery. Cath can be reached at cath@consciousbusiness.net.au  


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