Align your BEING with your DOING


We have been taught how to do business and programmed through traditional education, business schools, universities, and business coaching to do business a certain way.   

It’s like we are walking around in a heavy coat of business ‘shoulds’. 

These ‘shoulds’ only weigh us down, block and drain our energy and dim our differentiation. 

But we can do business our way. 

The Conscious Business process takes you on an alternative journey to take off that coat and find what lies beneath. 

The process helps you rediscover your business from a totally different perspective, to give you new insights, revive your energy and passion and put you back in touch with why you started your business in the first place.  

Connect with who you truly are as a business. 

Get clarity and feel the courage to BE YOU in business.  

Step into alignment with who you are.  

When you align your BEING with your DOING you step into the flow of your business, turn up the vibrancy of your differentiation and business becomes a whole lot easier.

Remember when you were passionate and energised about the possibilities of your business? Let me take you back there. Sign up for my one on one coaching sessions. 8 x 2 hour sessions will take you through the curated journey that I have developed over 21 years (who’s counting) of corporate facilitation. 

X Cath 

Conscious Business 

Integrate your truth 

It’s a journey, definitely a discovery. Through the process you explore a range of business issues – but this comes at it from a completely different way.  

You’ll learn a lot about who you are as an individual and a business.  It helps you learn a lot about why you do what you do and what’s important.  – Craig Peterson, ICS Australia 

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