By being you

You niche your market

And that is perfect.

Be brave. Be highly efficient.

Being efficient – is about standing in your truth and attracting ‘like energy’

So you can build your Brand Energy with ‘like’.

So your Brand reflects who you are. (Your Brand becomes who you attract).

So you are in flow

And your business (and team) is naturally recharged by these ‘like’ energy connections.

Who you are is great. You don’t want to work with people who don’t get you, appreciate you, share your values and intentions.

Those others, who may be clients, who you’ve attracted because you don’t want to miss any opportunities, who you have caught by muscling and hustling and casting your net too wide,

They may not be worth all that extra effort.

If they are not naturally aligned with you – they will drain your energy.

In your efforts to serve, you may change or adapt you or your business to suit them. Wasting time and energy. The time and energy you could use to attract the right people for you.

Dig deep. Stand in your truth, strongly, clearly and brightly.

Be brave – you are amazing.

Be efficient up front and reap the benefits and strength of high energy flow.


X Cath

Conscious Business

Integrate your truth

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