Opinions can divide

Opinions can challenge

Opinions can stake out mental and moral real estate

Opinions when held onto too tightly can be exclusive and abusive.


Questions are opening

Listening is allowing

Intuition is guiding

Wonder is inviting,

And an intention to understand is inclusive and compassionate.


Explore the perspectives of your world

Be open to expand and stretch the parameters of your beliefs

Those that frame, create and safely protect your reality.


Allow yourself to let go of that focus a little

Squint and readjust the way you see things

Listen, question, feel

And search for more

And with a slightly different view and perspective

you can enrich your experience.


To do the opposite

Is to shut yourself OFF with the walls and doors of your opinions.


Look for and love the cracks in your perspective,

explore them and prise them open.

Work to let more light in

And reveal more of life.


X Cath

Conscious Business

Integrate your truth


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