Embrace this time, this present with love.

If only I had more time I would…

Well, now you have.

WOW! It’s what you’ve always wanted!

So how are you going to spend it?

My choice is this – to embrace this time, this present, with love.

This time is a gift.

This present.

This – no expectation to do anything or go anywhere.

This present to hybernate, to sit, to listen, to expand, to imagine, to create, to learn, to intend and to plant those seeds of intention.

I am not going to waste this precious gift.

I understand that when I sit in, and focus on, this present space with love –

It expands and suspends time.

As long as I am holding this space in love and joy, it is a fertile and powerful space to expand my perspective, to truly connect and to plant and manifest my intentions.

But to do this, I need to be centred, considered and grounded, to have faith and to let go.

Fall into love, surrender. There is no effort. Just an offering of an unwavering intention, held with an open heart and no expectations.

You will also, if you feel and listen in this space, be delivered answers.

Love expands and suspends time.

Fear constricts and consumes time from within you and from around you.

Fear can seem like a friend because it can keep us busy, and we all feel comfortable doing and being busy.

Now is the time to focus on you, to focus inward with love.

We have been given a gift, time and space.

Me? I am not going to invite fear to steal this amazing opportunity from me.

We now have more time to love, create, have fun, enjoy, expand, truly connect, intend, love some more, manifest.


X Cath

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