Get Clear For This Year!


Our thoughts and daily banter can take a lot of energy.

We use energy to think, solve issues, navigate situations and process emotions.

The majority of times we just automatically engage, churn and process – unconsciously using energy.

But, if we can clear our mind and become more considered, aware and focussed (more conscious) – before we engage, we can strategically pause and choose how we expend our energy.

This includes choosing not to waste energy on worrying, churning over emotions that don’t serve us, or hooking into situations that are not going to change regardless of how we feel about them.

When we become more disciplined, objective and selective of what we invest our energy into, we then have access to more energy for what we really want to achieve. Energy to buoy us and inspire us and to nurture us through the great and not so great times.

It’s the same for business.

The five energy elements of the Conscious Business Model help to define our unique Brand Energy. Who we are, why we do what we do, and how we do it.

They help us to become more conscious of our business’ true nature and give us clarity and focus to stay consistent with who we are and positively build our reputation and brand.

With our Brand Energy Elements defined – we can tone down our business’ over thinking, excess communication, incessant questioning, second guessing and checking-in, which drains our energy.

With our Blueprint – we don’t waste energy.

Everything becomes very simple and clear. Everything we do is either aligned with our Blueprint (who we are), or not.

With this clarity – we can mindfully direct our energy into what we want to achieve and who we want to achieve it with.

Our Blueprint empowers our team with intuitive intelligence. With these clear guidelines, every team member understands how they can apply their unique skills and abilities to do what is the right for the business in any situation.

This means we can effectively and consistently direct our energy as a team for the good of the business.  In addition, we can enjoy the extra energy of engaged and empowered team members.

With these guidelines everyone can positively contribute to, align with and refine our unique Brand Energy.

Develop your Conscious Business Blueprint and you’ll have the clarity and direction to use your energy positively and constructively and to efficiently develop and grow your business and brand with the right people for you.


Contact me for the next steps

Shed Talk – my first for the year Tuesday 10 March 2020 from 6 – 8pm – come and hear my process on how to become a purpose driven, value-based business and how that leads to success.

Workshops. Get clear for this year.  6 x 2-hour explorative workshops in an intimate group of 10 – in City Beach in Perth. On the final evening you will present your Blueprint. This might sound daunting now – but after the process, everyone is pumped on the night. Starting in July – there are only 10 places for this transformative, once a year course.

One on One Executive Facilitations.  If you would like my undivided attention and direction – I can step you through this process in 10 x 2-hour coffee shop or skype meets.  You will finish with a honed Blueprint and a guide of how you can activate this throughout every aspect of your business. I am only taking 4 clients for the first half of this year.

Team facilitations – I’ve been doing this for 20 years (Hello 2020!) – let me facilitate your team to collaboratively determine your unique Conscious Business Blueprint. Or if you have any issues you need a hand with – I can facilitate these too.


X Cath

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