A Conscious Business activates its awareness in everything it does, and therefore a Conscious Business is only for the strong of heart and strong of spirit.

It’s the nature of life to test us on our journey.

Our success in life and business is determined by our awareness of who we are.

With our awareness of who we are, whether we are a solopreneur or a collective team, we actively choose what is right for us along our way. It is the quality of our choices which determines the quality of our journey and the quality of our destination. We get to choose.

Shortcuts, half truths and a little less care, can perhaps get us to our desired destination faster, but the point is, if we get there this way –our destination will be unstable.
Get there with activated awareness, and it is a solid foundation on which to rest, to lean into, to launch from, a strong, supportive foundation for the whole.

Being conscious as a business and aware of why and how we do what we do, makes us unequivocally responsible and accountable.

Accepting responsibility and accountability can be way too confronting and unattractive for some.

That’s why, to be a Conscious Business, to activate our awareness, stand in our truth and make the right choices, we need a strong heart and a strong spirit and the unwavering belief that doing good is good for business and for us.

X Cath
Conscious Business
Integrate your truth

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