Business is Always Personal


Have you heard the saying

Oh it’s just business – it isn’t personal?

Well, this is never true.

Business is always personal.

Business is a value exchange between people.

Business exists to serve customers and all of its stakeholders, or as I like to call them energyholders.

It’s through our outer service to customers and our other energyholders in our marketplace that our business serves us, its inner owners and team members.

It’s a simple universal law – that what you give you receive.

If we try to hide behind our business or our product and shy away from understanding our connection with our customers, we will never build a healthy and sustainable business for the long term.

There is no separation between business and people and how they feel.

It’s those businesses who understand that business is always personal and are conscious to positively impact the feelings of others in all interactions, that will have that positivity, good will and success – flow back to them.

It’s time to get more personal.


X Cath

Conscious Business

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