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Office Solutions IT – Hawaiian Ride for Youth


Successful business relies on successful relationships.

The more we clarify WHO we are as a business, the more clearly we can identify potential aligned relationships and opportunities for our business.


Most businesses – when asked about their stakeholders

Include Conscious Capitalism’s six of:






And the environment.

In Conscious Capitalism’s stakeholder theory, they propose, not a triple, but a sextet bottom line and look at how business success comes from consciously creating value for all of these six stakeholders.



But the trick is to not stop there and to also explore farther afield.

(Check out our Energyholder [our name for stakeholder] Cheat Sheet here).

Because this is where you find relationships that may not be traditionally obvious.


So how does knowing WHO we are as a business open-up potential relationships for our business?


Well let’s look at Office Solutions IT (OSIT) as an example – (Check out their Conscious Business Blueprint here).

Their Global Vision – or greater contribution as a business –is to enable and nurture potential – and as a team they are very keen to enable and nurture the potential in youth.

So prospective relationships include;

  • Charities and organisations that help youth. They are the IT company for Youth Focus and Youth Futures – and actively support these organisations’ fund-raising initiatives.
  • Businesses that also support and sponsor these youth charities and organisations. These are from a range of industries.
  • Businesses that sponsor other youth initiatives and events.
  • Businesses that sell to youth.
  • Institutions – schools and tertiary institutions
  • Media – that is active in this space
  • Their team – supporting learning and growth
  • And of course, their customers. Who are of course also connected to the youth in their lives and may also be involved in the same charities.


OSIT meet and interact with these aligned relationships when they support these organisations through their IT services, but also through their participation in their fund-raising and social events and volunteering their time and expertise.

They have also collaborated with these relationships by facilitating events of their own – such as inviting these relationships to team lunches, sundowners and fund-raising Christmas Parties.

Just by activating who you are and what you are passionate about, you will meet and connect with a range of like-minded relationships that can turn into potential customers, supporters, advocates, suppliers, team members and investors.

That’s just one Brand Energy Element put to the test. There are a myriad of potential relationships, you can discover, just by examining and activating all the aspects of WHO you are.


X Cath

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