Define Your Emotional Boundaries


The Conscious Business Model (in the Energy Zone) outlines the emotional boundaries of business.

These energy elements, when defined, provide clarity and enable you to direct and manage all those aspects of business that can be so grey – including attitudes and behaviours.

When you define these elements for your business they become your cultural guidelines, outlining ‘Who’ you are, ‘Why’ you do business and your important ‘How’ things are done around here, including your code of conduct.

When these elements are made explicit and activated and managed in your business – they offer your team a safe emotional framework in which to work, which provides psychological safety.

Your team understands exactly what work, intentions, attitudes and behaviours are aligned and positively contribute to the wellbeing and success of the business.

In this emotionally supported environment your team can relax and be themselves at work.

It’s so much easier for them to do their best work when they can be who they are and know through this clear and managed structure they are also emotionally supported and protected.

These elements when defined become powerful, flexible and healthy guidelines.

They are powerful, because they encapsulate who you are and what your stand for, your truth as a business.  And when you live this you offer the power and protection of integrity. And they are flexible, because when you live your truth as a business, you create trust. Trust offers freedom and flexibility within these emotional boundaries.

Defining these elements for your business also makes it easy for everyone who works with you and deals with you to understand where your boundaries are. These boundaries clarify who you are on a number of levels; what you stand for, what you are passionate about, what your intentions are, why you do business, how you do business and what you want and don’t want as a business.

With these elements defined, you can be up front as a business. You can be positively pro-active. You don’t have to waste time pleasing others or protecting your business, you can just be who you are and clearly communicate and negotiate your needs, preferences and relationships.

Take the step up to define your energy elements and develop healthy emotional boundaries for your business.

Step into the power of who you are. Make it clear to others what is aligned with who you are and what are deal breakers.

If you don’t set your boundaries – then who will?


X Cath

Conscious Business

Integrate your truth


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