Take your Positions


Polarities of everything.

Good – bad

Like – dislike

For – against

Sometimes we find our position, stick with it no matter what and we stand and defend it.

It’s good to have a position, but sometimes our position, if we hold on to it too tightly can stop us from evolving and growing.

Sometimes our position, can be so on the extreme end, we can’t even see what else is on offer.

Some positions are non-negotiable. But some positions can be reviewed.

I think it’s healthy to consciously review our positions at times. To be open to explore the route – to see, sense and feel what is really going on along our spectrum of thought.

It’s healthy to check in with ourselves to understand whether our position is a conscious choice or perhaps a subconscious conditioning?

To explore what we are really holding on to and if we really need to hold on that tight? Or have times changed, have we changed, can we relax a little and move on?

We all have non-negotiables for what is important to us and how we want to live our life and run our business. These give us the foundation, grounding and a non-threatened self-confidence to openly and freely explore from.

But here’s the trick, it’s about having the right number of non-negotiables – to frame and direct our life.

When we have too many non-negotiables – we can block out our life.

We can stack up our positions with no room to move, trapping ourselves and leaving no space to experience, explore, evolve or grow.

Are you conscious of your non-negotiables that anchor and guide you?

Do you have a healthy framework – or have you positioned yourself out of life or business?

Is it time to re position, or let go?


X Cath

Conscious Business

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