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When I worked as a creative director for radio, (back in the 80’s), I remember Australia’s advertising guru, Siimon Reynold’s, (creative director of the advertising agency, Grey, at just 21), giving advice about coming up with great ideas.

He said, that before they landed on the one big idea for their advertising campaigns, they would birth 100 ideas. Even if they thought the very best idea was the first one, they would keep going, keep searching, keep digging.

With every job, they had the discipline, to take the time and go through this process, to ensure they came up with the very best ideas for their clients.

When I explore with entrepreneurs and teams, who they are as a business, I ask similar questions in a range of different ways. And I will slightly adjust the questions. It’s amazing, how when you slightly adjust a question, you can slightly adjust your perspective and open yourself up to many new insights.

I had one client say, that when I gave her instructions for a process, she was thinking that it seemed quite repetitive and she couldn’t see the point in all the steps. Why bother, when she’d answered the question at step one? DONE!

But she was really surprised, that when she took the time, and trusted and followed the process, she uncovered some amazing and reaffirming insights that helped her businesses big picture click into place.

Sometimes, when we ask questions of our business, the answers we get, are not the answers: They are just the little signposts that say, DIG HERE!

X Cath
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