This week my workshoppers presented their Conscious Business Blueprints.

After 6 weeks of going through my process to determine their truth as a business,

they bravely stepped up and presented their:

Global Vision; Purpose; Values; Brand Personality; Products (Value offerings) and Brand Essence.

With confident self-belief they revealed their truth: WHO they are as a business.


I love the Blueprint reveal nights because they are ALWAYS so inspirational and powerful.

It’s so heartening and exciting to see everyone express WHO they really are.

I always come away from these nights really moved.

What I took away this week, is that, even though we think we only appeal to a very defined market, by standing in our truth, our business has a lot more appeal than we ever imagined.

Confident self-belief in WHO we are as a business is really desirable and really really attractive.


When you present your truth and communicate WHO you are from such a deep inner knowing –

It’s so intriguing.

It’s so engaging.

It’s so captivating.


Because we feel truth.

We feel it touching us and resonating with us on a deeper level.


What level are you communicating on as a business?


X Cath


Conscious Business

Integrate your truth

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