What are Your Layers of Intention?


The Conscious Business Model represents the many layers of WHO we are as a business.

These layers define our unique energy and when activated will energise us, our business and our relationships.

When we define these layers, we have a strategic framework to do business better.

These energy layers are layers of:

Intention – energy follows intent. This is WHAT we intend to do and offer and WHY and HOW we intend to operate.

Meaning – these give meaning to WHO we are.

Meaning tells us how to orient. It tells us how to interpret something, how to react, how to organize our experience. It gives purpose to our lives by creating larger context in which to view our own existence. Anodea Judith – Eastern Body Western Mind.

Stories – these elements frame the stories of WHO we are and why we are WHO we are. These are key themes from which a myriad of unique Brand Stories can emerge.

Messages – these elements also frame every expression of WHO we are. When we use this framework, we ensure all of our communications are consistently On-Brand.

Connections – these layers help us to understand and manage our relationships. Different energyholders (stakeholders) will initially connect to different aspects of WHO we are. By being conscious of WHO we are on a number of levels – we can understand how to genuinely and consistently attract, manage and develop all of our relationships.

Emotional value – these layers frame and help us become more conscious of the emotional value we offer. With this consciousness we become more emotionally intelligent and literate.

Emotional boundaries – these layers describe WHO we are and what we stand for. These frame what ‘ways of being’ are aligned with WHO we are and what are not. This helps us to positively stand and operate in our truth and manage the wellbeing of our business.

Decision making filters – opportunities are either aligned with WHO we are or not.  Do the work up front and with these filters, enjoy the agility to quickly recognise and strategically respond to opportunities.

The Conscious Business Model outlines the layers that make up WHO we are as a business. This is our personalised business framework to nurture and support our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Do you have clarity around what defines your unique energy so you can do business better?

x Cath

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