How to be a Great Tour Guide


As a business you are the Tour Guide for your customer’s experience with you.

Are you being a great Tour Guide?

What’s your aim? What is your Purpose? What is your personal intent for your customer? * How do you want the experience of your product to feel?

You have a unique product to offer your customer, in your own unique way. You have designed their personalised experience of how they find, buy and experience your product. You know the path for this experience like no other –

A Great Tour Guide

  • Maps out the customers’ journey.
  • Has an understanding of their customers’ needs and wants and can pre-empt what they may need along the way.
  • A great Tour Guide personally gets to know their customers at the beginning and overviews the unique experience they are offering.
  • Their role is to help make their customers’ buying experience as enjoyable and as easy as possible.
  • They understand where the journey is easy, and which sections, customers’ may need more assistance with.
  • They check in with the customer and how they are feeling along the way.
  • They have all the information on hand – if needed.
  • They are there to help customers’ out of difficulty if they get stuck or lose direction.
  • They give customers a greater appreciation of their journey and bring their customers’ experience to life through engaging stories and information.
  • They passionately live and express the unique Brand Energy of their business, adding colour and unique personality to the experience.
  • They invite dialogue with their customers, a two-way exchange, to encourage customers’ to invest emotionally and integrate the experience.
  • They know the best places throughout the experience to slow down or take a break and give customers space and time to personally integrate and reflect on their experience.
  • They point out interesting aspects that the customer may not notice about the business or product.
  • They show customers how they can be friends with the brand and how they can be friends and engage with other customers.
  • They invite customers to become involved in other products (tours) and brand activities.
  • They invite the customer to stay connected and give them the opportunity to be a part of their Global Vision.
  • A great Tour Guide knows how their customers will feel at the end of their product buying experience.

Are you conscious of the experience you are offering your customers? Do you know how you want your customers to feel?

*As a Conscious Business you will understand your personal intent for all of your Energyholders – including your Purpose for your team members, suppliers and shareholders. Remember energy follows intent. When you are conscious of your intent for each of your key relationships, you will understand how you can nurture these for business success.

X Cath
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