Your Vision – Your Desire can be Your Destiny


Our Business Vision puts us on top of our mountain and lets us bathe in the view.

How great does this look.

How great does this feel.

Look what climbing this mountain has enabled us to do along the way.

Look at how climbing this mountain has enabled us to live the lifestyle we want to live.

How great was the climb! Look at who we are celebrating with – those who have joined us – and the roles they have played to help us get here.

Now we are at the top of this mountain – look at the extraordinary view of all the other mountains we can see and now climb. All the other possibilities that are within our view and reach.

Sure, when we start our business journey with a dream view from the top of our mountain, we can find ourselves saying –

Woah this is pretty high! Really what was I thinking?

How on earth, am I going to get here from way down there? That looks way too hard.

But the idea is to take in the view and remember those inspirational feelings at the top and keep them close, to motivate us on our journey from base camp – to camp 1, 2, 3… all the way to the top.

What I didn’t know about serious mountain climbing, is that before you can make the full ascent, you need to take supplies from base camp, to camp one and then go down again. Then take supplies up to camp 2, through camp 1 and then down again through camp 1,  to base camp. And then take supplies to camp 3 etc and then go down again, (through camp 1 and 2 etc).  Until you have made sure you are supported and have the supplies at each camp up the mountain, to help support you in your preparations (setting up the supplies), and to finally not only make your ascent to the top, but also to ensure you have supplies to support your descent.

And of course, by then you have also honed your fitness for the challenge.

So, you actually climb your mountain numerous stages at a time, before you go for the top!

So as a business, if at times you feel disillusioned by your vision and say,

 I can’t get there, because I have to be practical and do all of this first

Then yes, you could be right. If those preparations are supporting you to attempt your ascent to your Vision.

Your Vision is your overarching AIM for your business plan. From which you develop goals (long, medium and short-term goals), strategies and actions to help you plot your way to your top. Step by step.

You have to plan. You have to strategically build the functional and emotional aspects of your business to support your ascent to your Vision.

And what is going to motivate you to put in the effort, is your view – your dream view from your top.

You are what your deep driving desire is.

As your desire is, so is your will.

As your will, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny.

Brihadaranyaka – Upanisad IV.4.5

Your Vision will also help you to take up opportunities along the way. Opportunities that you may not have even recognised if you were not clear on your Vision.

You may be making preparations at base camp and one day explore a little farther afield. Who knows, you may happen upon a cable car – which you instantly recognise as a great opportunity to fast track you higher up your mountain.

By conceptualising your Vision – you’ll be able to recognise and quickly take up opportunities for your business when they present.

Without a Vision, you could be missing great opportunities. You could be walking past your cable car daily.

So, start Visioning and keep working at being business fit and making preparations for your ascent.

Through your strategically directed and focused efforts, your desire can be your destiny.


X Cath

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