Simon Senek says start with WHY

Dov Seidman says it’s HOW that matters

Richard Barrett – talks about a Values Driven Organisation

And everyone is talking about Purpose.


For a conscious, principled, purpose driven business, these elements are vital.

But not just one of them – all of them.

Each of these elements are powerful and necessary in their own right.

They each have a specific role to play in business.

But the true magic happens when we determine all of these for our business.

And the real power and strength is revealed when we combine

these elements and activate them.

When we use our WHY’s, HOW’s (including our Values) and WHAT’s as guidelines

for everything we do in our business,

What unfolds is a uniquely differentiated business that is a true,

authentic reflection of WHO we are.

When we combine and activate these elements,

we also get to see how well they work together and fuel each other.

And how, together, they support a self-realised, healthy and empowered business.

We can also see how they naturally attract and nurture the right relationships for our

business success.


Our WHY’s, HOW’s and WHAT’s of business determines our WHO.

When you determine your WHO, your Conscious Business Blueprint,

You have your ultimate guide for directing and managing your operations,

processes, culture and customer relationships and

your Blueprint to delivering unique emotional value.


Join me to define your WHO.

My workshop series begins mid-June and there are only a few seats left.


Check out the details here.


X Cath

Conscious Business

Integrate your truth

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