Are You Standing in Your Truth?


If everything is energy (which I, quantum physicists and many spiritual teachers believe)
We are energy,
We live in a field of energy,
And as energy beings
we are attracting
and being attracted
to other energy beings.

The best way we can attract energy,
Is to stand grounded in the truth of who we are,
Our energy.
Then our attractive truth will have a magnetising effect.
We’ll attract those who feel aligned with who we are.

How do we build our magnetising abilities?
By being focused, aligned and pure in WHO we are – in everything we do.

As a business owner and energy being,
We will also be attracted to what other businesses are doing
And may think –
Oooo I should do that too!
That’s a great idea, I could offer a bit of that.
And yes – I’ll just do a bit of that as well.

Yes, be inspired by others
But don’t try to be others.

When we cobble together the best bits of our competitors,
We scramble our energy signal,
We lose touch with WHO we are,
And lose our unique attractiveness.

That’s the brave bit.
To do the exploration to uncover who we are – in our heart of hearts.
To believe, who we are, is good enough
And to make the courageous leap to activate who we are in everything we do

Building attraction and long-term sustainable connections,
And in turn business success
is all about standing in the truth of who we are.

Just believe.

X Cath
Conscious Business
Integrate your truth

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