If You’re in Business, You’re a Tour Guide.


As a business you are in control of your customers’ experience.

Your customer, by buying your product, is trusting you to give them an experience that will satiate and/or enrich them in some way.

So how are you going Tour Guide?

Do you understand the journey you are taking your customer on?

Do you understand how they may be feeling;

  • When they are looking for a product like yours?
  • When they commit to buying your product?
  • And throughout the experience of your product?

How do you prepare them for your experience?

What do you tell them they can expect?

How do you assist and guide them through their buying journey and product experience with you?

Traditional business says to find out what your customers want and give it to them.


As a business owner –YOU are the expert.

YOU are the expert in delivering the experience of your product.

Only YOU know, HOW you want your customer to feel during and after their experience.

How can a customer dictate what they want from the experience – when they haven’t experienced it yet?

THEY don’t know.

But you do.  You know what you intend for them.

Understand your Purpose – how you want your customer to feel through their experience with you.

Prepare yourself with your unwavering intention and train yourself in ways to consciously and graciously guide customers through your unique experience, so their experience touches them – in your special way.

X Cath

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