How to have Successful Relationships


In business and in life –

What do you think, is the first thing you need to understand to have successful relationships?

When I ask this question in my keynote,

the audience usually says,

that you need to understand WHO you are wanting to have relationships with.

YES you do.

But I believe the first thing you need to understand

is –  WHO YOU are.

So WHO are YOU?

What makes up YOU as a business?

  • What is your Global Vision? Your Big WHY and greater intent for why you are in business?
  • What is your Purpose? Your personal WHY and personal intent for others? How do you want others to feel when they experience your Product?
  • What are your Values? Your Big HOW you do business and guidelines for HOW you operate.
  • What is your Brand Personality? Your personal HOW and the attitude, tone and style of everything you do?
  • And WHAT value do you offer? What is your Product?

There are multiple layers to WHO you are.

There are many levels from which you express who you are.

There are many levels that others are attracted to and connect with.

And these many layers, when they are clear, focussed and aligned, blend to form a truly unique and subtly powerful business presence.

So WHO are YOU? And what are your layers?

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X Cath
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