My Global Vision for Conscious Business is – to inspire businesses to stand in their truth, passionately contribute to something greater and collectively nurture our planet.

Just imagine if every business on this planet contributed to something greater? Many social and environmental issues would be mitigated and we wouldn’t need charities.

Businesses would rightly be a part of the fabric of our community and together with their community self-manage and organise themselves to help. That is, invest a percentage of their profits, and/or time and/or expertise into a cause or effort they feel passionate about.

We want to give. Joining others and investing something of ourselves in what we are passionate about fuels us. It also brings us closer as a team and closer to those who believe what we believe. We mix with ‘like’ energy and in return we’re energised.

What we invest in outside of our business, can also help us to find more of our tribe.

Traditional business looks at themselves as separate to the community.

A Conscious Business understands that they are an integral part of their community and their community is an integral part of them. There is no separation.

Richard Branson said – Governments won’t change the world, but businesses can.

You can.

X Cath

Conscious Business
Integrate your truth

Connect and Join The Party


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