We all want to do it

But sometimes our subconscious takes over, as we have been hard wired to compete.

If we really want to collaborate and build communities we need to:

Know who we are – and consistently express this in everything we do. So, we attract the right people who are aligned with our unique frequency. And who, when we are together, naturally fuel our energy as we fuel theirs. This way, we can collaboratively and sustainably – support, grow and energise each other’s journey’s.

Stay conscious of our intent for our relationships. And stay conscious of when competitive urges arise.  We need to keep ourselves in check.

Celebrate others – let our ego go, and openly share in and celebrate others’ success. Let our fear go, and know the universe is abundant and there is enough for everyone.

Be mindful and considerate of others’ inspiring work! On-promote, acknowledge – always, always, pay it forward by referencing your source (words and pictures). Don’t just take. Be humble, respectful and thankful.

Engage with those who reflect and support your energy – your Global Vision, Purpose, Values, Personality…and Vision for your business. And engage with those, who’s virtues, you admire and want more of in your life.

Understand the key law of energy. What you give you receive. Be conscious and clear on what you want to fuel in your life. Make sure, that what you give to, is what you are aligned with (because you’ll just get more of that!) –  and give, give, give!

Protect ourselves in our truth.  Collaboration is not about losing ourselves to help everyone. It’s about collaborating with those who share and reflect our truth and will support us in return.

And when we are challenged, it’s about having the inner strength and self-assurance to graciously stand in our truth. Understanding and consciously living our truth, strengthens and empowers us and sets our unique framework for our life and happiness.

X Cath

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