Your Customer Is NOT Always Right



Yes – that is correct – they are NOT always right.

Please don’t fall into the trap that they are.

The danger of thinking that your customer is always right, is that you may contort yourself and your product into something that you are not, just to accommodate their needs. In the process, you can lose yourself and damage your product and Brand.

No one knows your product like you do.

No one knows the experience you intend for your customer, except you.

So why you give your customer the power to dictate, what they think they might like, before they have even experienced your product?

When designing your product, keep your Purpose top of mind.

Your Purpose is how you want the experience of your product to feel.

Your Purpose charges the energy of your business. If there is one thing you and your team needs to remember and deliver it is this.

Here are some examples: We want our customers to feel….

Connected with nature so they reconnect with themselves – Faraway Bay
Connected, loved and amazing – Green Goodness Co
Excited about the possibilities of their business – Office Solutions IT
Part of a positive today – SAMMIMIS
We’re in business together – LG Accounting Solutions

You’re in charge. You are the expert guide for your product experience.

So, if a change or addition to your product will contribute to helping your customers feel how you want them to feel – then go for it.  If not, really question it.

Because, the irony is, your customers will hold YOU responsible for their experience, even if it was their idea.

Stand in your truth, take responsibility for your product experience and consciously lead with your Purpose.

X Cath

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