What’s Your Cocktail?



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You can activate who you are, including your Values, in everything you do.

Take Conscious Business for example.  I used my Brand Values to inspire my very own cocktail.

Explorative we are courageous explorers in the discovery of life.
Exploring my values through cocktail mixing. (What a great idea!);
Natural Feel your true nature and become grounded in that.
I thought I’d ground my cocktail with the natural freshness of muddled lime and mint, followed by sweet fresh coconut water;
Spiritual We endeavour to connect and flow in every moment with grace.
Add some pure and clean vodka;
CreativeLife is our creation with every conscious (and unconscious) choice we make.
I am passionately creative – so it made sense to add some passion-fruit and;
Playful With generosity of spirit we have fun and live with colour and sparkle.
Top up with sparkling mineral water.

Who knew a cocktail could mean so much? And you know what? It was delicious!

Your Values – are your ultimate guide for HOW you do business.  So get to know them and their meanings and get them working for you.

When you use your Values as a guide for everything you do, you can come up with some great inspired, uniquely YOU creations.

So grab your values off the wall, make your own cocktail, design that fabulous event and use them to hire the right people for your team or to check in with people you are thinking of collaborating with. Use them for everything.

Then everything you do, will be unmistakably you.
You’ll not only BE different, but with everything you do, you will be building your Brand Energy and as a result attract the right energy (customers, team members, suppliers, partners, community) to buy from you, support you, serve you and invest in you.

I look forward to toasting to your business with your very own cocktail soon.

X Cath

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