Be YOU In Business


You started your own business because you are PASSIONATE!

Passionate to live your life doing what you LOVE.

So, how’s that working for you?

Hopefully you’re having a blast! Loving what you do and making all the money you need to support your vision and dreams.

But odds on, you need a cuppa (or something stronger) and a rethink.

As business owners, we’re told to ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ by a plethora of academics, consultants and marketers.  We’re told HOW to do business.

So, with the promise of success, we push, prod and squeeeeeeeeeze our passion into THEIR template of how THEY think it should be done!

We contort WHO we are to fit.  And often, we find along the way, that it’s not working and worse, we’ve also lost our PASSION and LOVE for what we do.

If you’re waving your hand in the air – saying ‘that’s me, how do I get my passion and love for my business back’?

The answer is simple. Come back to YOU!

Reconnect with who you are:

  • Why you are in business
  • How you want your customers to feel
  • How you want to operate
  • and by truly understanding your unique value exchange.

Because what makes you different – is YOU.

By using YOU as a guide – you can navigate your own way to success and create your very own custom designed template to energise and sustain your beautiful passion.

So, don’t be afraid. Be you.

X Cath

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