Successful Relationships

As my mantra in business is, ‘Successful business relies on successful relationships’, I have been musing and exploring, what makes a great relationship. All relationships start with YOU. Take responsibility for you. Do the work on you. Own your own stuff. Deal with your own stuff and your lineage of stuff passed down. Your partner […]



Even though I had a year on sabbatical in 2022, I did work with 2 clients facilitating them through their Conscious Business Blueprints. A new business networking group LYFTA, of which my husband James Sutherland is a co-founder and my yoga teacher, Helen Heppingstone’s brilliant presencing system for schools and corporates – 2022 was […]

Positive Brand Energy

Positive Brand Energy Attracts Connects Energises Empowers Drives AND Fulfills Your market – your community, customers, stakeholders, suppliers, team, managers and directors (everyone who comes into contact with your business). Your positive Brand Energy adds value, particularly emotional value, to your product. By developing and nurturing your emotional value, you are developing and nurturing your […]

Align your BEING with your DOING

When you align your BEING with your DOING you step into the flow of your business, turn up the vibrancy of your differentiation and business becomes a whole lot easier.

Could Your Product Inspire a Beer?

Traditional business teaches us that the first steps to a successful business – are to Understand who your customers are, Find out what they want and Offer them what they want But this premise is based on these assumptions These are your customers These customers know what they want – and You know how to […]

Unspoken Rules

We are asked to play by the rules and that’s the thing. There are spoken rules which are clear and overt in a workplace. Easy. But what about the unspoken rules? There are usually lots of them.
And different layers of them. How do we get clear about what is expected and the way things are done around our workplace?

Welcome to the Party!

The Party is my metaphor for The Market Place. Who’s at your Party? Which relationships are most important for your business success?

Our Values – Conscious Business

At Conscious Business we don’t just define one HOW – we define two HOW’s.  Your Big HOW – (Your Values) – your guiding principles for how you do business. And your Personal How for your business – (Your Brand Personality) defining your unique attitude, tone and style. When you define your HOW’s through the Conscious […]

What Emotional Security Does Your Brand Offer?

What emotional security does your brand offer? -

Relationship Acquaintance Connection Togetherness Couple Partnership Gathering Group Team Tribe Family Friendships Circle of friends Collaboration Community Society We all want to connect. We all want to belong. We want to enjoy the company of others. We want to feel safe and secure. Through our relationships we all seek emotional security. What emotional security are […]