Successful Relationships

As my mantra in business is, ‘Successful business relies on successful relationships’, I have been musing and exploring, what makes a great relationship. All relationships start with YOU. Take responsibility for you. Do the work on you. Own your own stuff. Deal with your own stuff and your lineage of stuff passed down. Your partner […]


Inspired by Michael Singers’ book The Surrender Experiment, I made my word for 2022 Surrender. I also took a year off to see what the flow of life would present. What I ended up doing this year, was not what I had planned or thought I would do. Just recently a ‘friend of a friend’ […]

We are ONE

Being ONE is all about inclusiveness of beliefs, ideals, thoughts, cultures and ways of being. It makes for a rich, multi-layered, self-managed and self-empowered collective of hybrid vigour and strength. Fertile ground for expansion of perspectives, growth, evolution and self-realisation.

Be Gracious

I experienced a very ungracious day yesterday.
People who I expected more of (expectations are a cause of suffering *), were very ungracious, rude and disrespectful to me and others.

Align your BEING with your DOING

When you align your BEING with your DOING you step into the flow of your business, turn up the vibrancy of your differentiation and business becomes a whole lot easier.