What Is Your Purpose?

Your Purpose is not about making money and not about making a particular product. Your Purpose is WHY you are really in business. You produce a product for a reason and customers buy this for a reason. There are the functional benefits sure, but what are the emotional benefits? When it comes down to it, […]

How to be a Great Tour Guide

As a business you are the Tour Guide for your customer’s experience with you. Are you being a great Tour Guide? What’s your aim? What is your Purpose? What is your personal intent for your customer? * How do you want the experience of your product to feel? You have a unique product to offer […]

Can you say I AM MY BUSINESS

My Purpose for Conscious Business is to help my clients feel – ‘I AM my business’. We all want to invest who we are into what we do. But who are we? That’s the purpose of life isn’t it? Playing in this playground of Earth to discover why we are here? What feels right, what […]

Your Customer Is NOT Always Right

  Yes – that is correct – they are NOT always right. Please don’t fall into the trap that they are. The danger of thinking that your customer is always right, is that you may contort yourself and your product into something that you are not, just to accommodate their needs. In the process, you […]