Positive Brand Energy

Positive Brand Energy Attracts Connects Energises Empowers Drives AND Fulfills Your market – your community, customers, stakeholders, suppliers, team, managers and directors (everyone who comes into contact with your business). Your positive Brand Energy adds value, particularly emotional value, to your product. By developing and nurturing your emotional value, you are developing and nurturing your […]


Inspired by Michael Singers’ book The Surrender Experiment, I made my word for 2022 Surrender. I also took a year off to see what the flow of life would present. What I ended up doing this year, was not what I had planned or thought I would do. Just recently a ‘friend of a friend’ […]

What is Your Operating Program?

Your business is your hardware.
And you and your team are your software.
You may have your systems and processes developed to direct the flow of your activities, but do you have a clear operating program?
Your operating program is a unified code for HOW you do business.


If only I had more time I would… Well, now you have. WOW! It’s what you’ve always wanted! So how are you going to spend it? My choice is this – to embrace this time, this present, with love. This time is a gift. This present. This – no expectation to do anything or go […]

Business is Always Personal

Have you heard the saying Oh it’s just business – it isn’t personal? Well, this is never true. Business is always personal. Business is a value exchange between people. Business exists to serve customers and all of its stakeholders, or as I like to call them energyholders. It’s through our outer service to customers and […]

Are You Standing in Your Truth?

If everything is energy (which I, quantum physicists and many spiritual teachers believe) We are energy, We live in a field of energy, And as energy beings we are attracting and being attracted to other energy beings. The best way we can attract energy, Is to stand grounded in the truth of who we are, […]