Your Values Guidance System

We all have certain Values that underlie how we live our lives. We have them whether we are conscious of them or not. And we will defend them whether we are conscious of them or not. They combine to make up, the sense of who we are, our very being, our very selves, our very […]

Australian Values

As I stood in memorial over my candle in the driveway this ANZAC weekend I was transported back. It was the cool early hours of the morning, in October 2007. We were excited as we jumped into the chopper of the True North to head to the Kokoda War memorial in Papua New Guinea, and […]

Did You Go Values Shopping?

I am not a fan of Values shopping, where we are given a list of words and asked to pick those ‘Values’ that resonate with us. Or we pick from a list in our heads. Because these Values are not necessarily us. They may just be the most appealing at the time. Or the ones […]

Building Trust and Respect

  Our Values, when we determine them and we’re clear on what they mean to us, can be powerful guidelines for everything we do. They can become our personalised formula for HOW we (and our team) operate in any situation. When we activate our Values in everything we do – others learn that we operate […]

So Why Make A Values Cocktail?

  The point of the Values Cocktail – (previous blog – WHAT’S YOUR COCKTAIL?), is to demonstrate that you can activate and live your Values with absolutely everything you do. So why do this? Developing your own values cocktail is a quirky way to help you to remember your most important guidelines and keeps them […]

What’s Your Cocktail?

  You can activate who you are, including your Values, in everything you do. Take Conscious Business for example.  I used my Brand Values to inspire my very own cocktail. Explorative –we are courageous explorers in the discovery of life. Exploring my values through cocktail mixing. (What a great idea!); Natural – Feel your true […]

Your Values Hat Trick

I like to use my Values like Edward de Bono’s’- Six Thinking Hats and bring each one of them out to contemplate with, when I have an issue. My values are; explorative, natural, spiritual, creative and playful. So just imagine a hat for each value. When finding a solution to an issue or guidance around […]