So Why Make A Values Cocktail?




The point of the Values Cocktail – (previous blog – WHAT’S YOUR COCKTAIL?), is to demonstrate that you can activate and live your Values with absolutely everything you do.

So why do this?

Developing your own values cocktail is a quirky way to help you to remember your most important guidelines and keeps them top of mind so you can activate them in everything you do.

When you express, activate and live your Values with good intent over time, others will learn that you are genuine and consistent and you will earn trust and respect.

When others trust and respect you, they will stick by you through good times and bad times. Helping you to ensure the sustainability of your business and brand.

Morrison, a highly successful fashion label, remembers their beautiful kelpie cross dog, Morrison, when reflecting on their Values – because he was TRUSTWORTHY and loyal (beyond belief), NATURAL, PASSIONATE (he lived for chasing sticks), he was INSPIRATIONAL and most of all LOVING.

So whenever they need to channel their values to check whether a business decision is right for them or not, they think of their beautiful Morri.

A Conscious Business is not just about understanding who you are, more importantly it’s about activating who you are.

So get making that cocktail or two!

X Cath

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