Even though I had a year on sabbatical in 2022, I did work with 2 clients facilitating them through their Conscious Business Blueprints. A new business networking group LYFTA, of which my husband James Sutherland is a co-founder and my yoga teacher, Helen Heppingstone’s brilliant presencing system for schools and corporates – unruffled.com. 2022 was […]

Be You

  By being you You niche your market And that is perfect. Be brave. Be highly efficient. Being efficient – is about standing in your truth and attracting ‘like energy’ So you can build your Brand Energy with ‘like’. So your Brand reflects who you are. (Your Brand becomes who you attract). So you are […]

Get Clear For This Year!

Our thoughts and daily banter can take a lot of energy. We use energy to think, solve issues, navigate situations and process emotions. The majority of times we just automatically engage, churn and process – unconsciously using energy. But, if we can clear our mind and become more considered, aware and focussed (more conscious) – […]