What is the difference between your Vision and your Global Vision?

Your Business Vision is your overarching AIM for your business plan. Your Vision is your imagined picture of what your business looks like, feels like, is doing and achieving in x years’ time. From this collaboratively envisioned picture – you then set the goals, strategies and actions that will help you achieve this Vision.  These […]

Build your Business by being who you are

Office Solutions IT – Hawaiian Ride for Youth   Successful business relies on successful relationships. The more we clarify WHO we are as a business, the more clearly we can identify potential aligned relationships and opportunities for our business.   Most businesses – when asked about their stakeholders Include Conscious Capitalism’s six of: Customers Employees […]

By Serving Others We Are Self-Serving

My Global Vision is to: Inspire businesses to stand in their truth, Passionately contribute to something greater and Collectively nurture our planet. I believe business is a value exchange – and our potential value is far greater than the product we offer. We can all play a bigger game. Business can be a force for […]

Why Doing Good is Good for Business

  Sir Richard Branson says, that governments won’t change the world, but businesses can. We need business, to support our community and we need our community, to support business. It’s a mutually beneficial value exchange, a symbiotic relationship where one cannot operate without the other. But some businesses believe they can operate in isolation and […]

What Can You Give?

My Global Vision for Conscious Business is – to inspire businesses to stand in their truth, passionately contribute to something greater and collectively nurture our planet. Just imagine if every business on this planet contributed to something greater? Many social and environmental issues would be mitigated and we wouldn’t need charities. Businesses would rightly be […]