Successful Relationships

As my mantra in business is, ‘Successful business relies on successful relationships’, I have been musing and exploring, what makes a great relationship. All relationships start with YOU. Take responsibility for you. Do the work on you. Own your own stuff. Deal with your own stuff and your lineage of stuff passed down. Your partner […]

What is Your Operating Program?

Your business is your hardware.
And you and your team are your software.
You may have your systems and processes developed to direct the flow of your activities, but do you have a clear operating program?
Your operating program is a unified code for HOW you do business.

Business is Always Personal

Have you heard the saying Oh it’s just business – it isn’t personal? Well, this is never true. Business is always personal. Business is a value exchange between people. Business exists to serve customers and all of its stakeholders, or as I like to call them energyholders. It’s through our outer service to customers and […]

Discover your Value

Potential customers come to you trained. Their only point of reference for what they think they want, is based on what is already out there in the marketplace. And sometimes they come to you, because they want to make a buying decision and they want to compare. So, if they ask you, ‘do you do […]

Our Business Success Equation

Successful business relies on successful relationships. Do you agree? If you do, then you would also have to agree – That WE are the very first VALUE of our business relationship equation. Our business + our relationship = our business success. So how do we determine our value? Who are we? Of course – it’s […]

What Emotional Security Does Your Brand Offer?

What emotional security does your brand offer? -

Relationship Acquaintance Connection Togetherness Couple Partnership Gathering Group Team Tribe Family Friendships Circle of friends Collaboration Community Society We all want to connect. We all want to belong. We want to enjoy the company of others. We want to feel safe and secure. Through our relationships we all seek emotional security. What emotional security are […]

How Is Your Business Expressing Itself?

  Businesses are a form of expression, continually evolving and devolving, depending on who is at the helm. This expression depends on the leader’s self-awareness and their awareness of their business energy (the collective energy of everyone who works with the business). You can tell a lot about a leader by how they manage their […]

Can Your Business Answer This?

  I want to know WHY you are in business and how through your business you want to change the world. I want to know, when I buy something from you – am I also contributing to something greater? I want to know WHY you are in business for me? How will the experience of […]