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Who are you? Why you are in business for me? How will the experience of your product make me feel? How do you operate? What Values guide you in your business? Because HOW you do things will determine whether I trust and respect you or not.

There are many business and brand consultants in the field who can develop a quick and pretty vision and values poster for your business. Cath Sutherland is not one of them.

Digging down to the core of your business and starting from the inside out, Cath applies her experience and unique Brand Creation model. Methodically targeting the Who’s, What’s and Why’s of your business and the collective input of your team, to create a simple process for your business become conscious of your true business identity, attract “like energy”, and grow market share through authentic and sustainable relationships.

Cath’s guided, step by step business facilitations have been designed to help you, as an organisation, get clear about who you are, what value you offer and why you’re in business so you know precisely how to show up in the marketplace, attract more customers and build a successful brand.

Business Facilitations


Create your Conscious Business Blueprint

Your ultimate guide for business growth, culture and relationships

Create a happy and healthy business culture

Energise your team with a healthy workplace environment

Uncover your Brand Personality

Be consistent with your unique style – wherever you show up in your marketplace

Establish your Emotional Driver

Understand how to wrap your functional business in emotional value

Anyone having the opportunity to experience a group facilitation session with Cath will see the depth of knowledge and experience she demonstrates. We particularly appreciated her highly participatory and creative approach which ensured the workshop stimulated the business and the people within it to reach our annual targets and goals - and beyond.

Cath embodies the Brand Energy she so passionately, and expertly teaches, and her Brand Creation model beautifully illustrates the power of aligning your organisation’s brand value and personality to bind your staff and customers together in a powerful and permanent alliance.

Having facilitated business teams for the past 17 years, Cath Sutherland has developed a reputation for motivating, energising and driving people forward toward a common goal.

Since the launch of her book, Creating Brand Energy, in 2011, Cath has been facilitating corporations and business leaders through her Creating Brand Energy model to understand the unique energy of their business. Demonstrating how to harness and activate this energy to create a healthy business culture, powerful brand and business growth.

Conscious Business Blueprint

Through the step by step business facilitation workshops, Cath will evaluate your organisations brand value and personality to help you create your Conscious Business Blueprint

Nurture Loyal Customers

Strategically nurture your relationships from acquaintances to life-partnerships.

Protect the trust and respect you have built for your Brand.

Ultimate Business Guide

Make the right business decisions every time.

Build a Consistent Brand

Help your team members – stay true, aligned, focussed and ON BRAND.

This powerful 2-page guide – Saves you time, money, stress and worry and helps you to be strategic, efficient, confident, passionate and energised in your business.

A Conscious Business Blueprint is not just a trendy model for kaftan wearing kombucha makers.

Applied to traditional corporate business it establishes the foundations of your brand personality giving you the perfect brief for, who you are and how you want to present yourself in your marketplace and social media.

You’ll have a simple guide to show you what to say ‘yes’ to, so you can make quick, strategic decisions on the fly. You’ll know that anything that is aligned with who you are is the right choice for you, anything that isn’t – is not. And because you have spent time, strategically developing your Blueprint, you won’t question it when you have to make quick, hard and fast business decisions. You can trust it to keep your business and brand on course – no matter what business hoops you may be jumping through.

  • You’ll have a guide – to manage your team with. This will also guide them to effectively manage themselves.
  • Your Blueprint – will empower your team with knowing the right decisions to make for your business. Those which are aligned with your Conscious Business Blueprint.
  • It helps your team members – stay true, aligned, focussed and ON BRAND.
  • It helps your team to maintain your reputation with consistency – to protect the trust and respect you have built for your Brand.
  • It helps you become more conscious of who you are as a collective and of your impact.
  • Your Conscious Business Blueprint helps your team strategically nurture your relationships from acquaintances to life-partnerships. Because – successful business relies on successful relationships.

Thanks for the facilitation….GREAT feedback from the team…they loved being part of setting the brand direction moving forward…they also loved your style and facilitation techniques!!!

Inspiring. Enlightening. Growing. Cath’s workshops are a true awakening as to what is important and valuable to you and how to live that in your business.

Business Facilitation Packages

While these service offerings have been carefully structured to obtain maximum output from each facilitation it is possible to tailor the hours and quantity of attendees to suit your business needs.

Executive Coaching

Corporate Presentations

Skype Facilitations

The 10 session Energy Charge Process that Cath facilitated for us is the best thing we have done for our business both internally and externally. It has put a sphere around what we do, so everyone is focused on who we are and where we are going. The buy-in from our team has also been fantastic; most of our team has voluntarily turned up for every session. It has also been really eye-opening and heartening to discover how similar we are as a team and confirms how we want the same things for our business and our clients.

Interested to know more? Connect with Cath to book your business facilitations or invite Cath to speak at your next business meeting for real world examples of how Creating Brand Energy can transform your business energy into market power.

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